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Comment by Andrew Asmakov yesterday

Welcome to Intellashares!

Advertising Platform with Incredible RevShare Bonus Plan!

Amazing Opportunity To Earn.

Take the opportunity of 2015 now and never look back!!

Comment by Maria Luisa Caballes yesterday

I am so excited to share this here because for so many years of doing online business, this is so different.

Since I know the person who offered me on this, I just said i will try it but i was shocked with the results that it was so fast.

If you are struggling on advertising your links just to earn from your programs, you better check this. Because what i did is just setting up my account then leave for the whole day. Then when I came back i have already lots of opt ins without doing anything on it.  Then saw results in just 2 days. Not to say much, just check this yourself...


Comment by Andy Cummings yesterday

New site gameing site to do with Scratchcards launching soon by the end of March for anyone who lives in the European Union..

Email me with ScratchCard EU info in the subject line!

Take a Look

Read down the page on my site below! See if it suits your interest Just a thought .. 

Plus Now for a some good info on a new worldwide concept!

All to do with what it costs us to view our favorite T.V., Movies, songs etc wow personally I pay $100 a month for my entertainment .. 

Free to join and take a look as a distributer so you too can inform all you know! Save  $$$$$$ per month LOOK 

Let's know your thoughts..

Bye for now! 

Comment by Louise Cardow on Sunday


SO MANY Reasons Why YOU Should Join DYP! 


===>    ZERO Attrition – One-Time Payment Structure 

===>    1 Million! Where else can you get 1 million combined banner and text ads for just $10? ($15 including upgrade fee) 

===>    2 Separate Streams of Income! Instant AND Monthly! 

===>    3 Ways We Help You Earn! Built in Marketing System, Awesome Promotion Materials and Traffic Coop Available! 

===>   4 is the basis of our Structure! 4x1 Path 1 – each path is 4X larger than the previous one! 4X7 Monthly Path! 

===>    5 dollar upgrade fee gets you started! Bonus product for upgrading! 

===>    6! – Count them - SIX Ways to Get Paid by DYP! 

===>    7 Paths to Discover – Each With Their Own Unique Valuable Products! 

===>    EVEN FREE Members can EARN CASH!!


Don't wait!! Jump in now

This is simple, easy and PROFITABLE!!

With HEAPS of advertising to get your OTHER promotions SEEN!!


Louise Cardow

Comment by Louise Cardow on Friday



Comment by JRG Marketing on Wednesday
Perfect chance for people struggling to get results advertising on Facebook or those with a small budget.

This is advertising AND revshare. And it launches tonight.

Advertising from just $ 1 and $ 1.33 guaranteed from company profits. This is effectively FREE advertising!!!

Get in before everyone else. ProShareXtreme -
Comment by robert mcatamney on February 25, 2015 at 8:22pm

New Team Build Getting Your First 2

CASH MONEY BUCKETS 6 Small 2x2s With 3 Ways To Earn

Automated Entry System

Free Re-entry To Do It Again And Again

Team Just Getting Started Join Below

Read The Pinned Post On Getting Started

Check The Site here I Have Just Bought It An Re-Launched.



Comment by Kees Daalmans on February 25, 2015 at 1:29am

Join Matthew Graves  brandnew biz now and let  him do the followups 

Hi, It's Kees!


Lots of new members is a great thing for any online program.


It shows that people are getting real value from what you are providing.


That is certainly the case at Secret Launch Team!


Secret Launch Team is a group of committed marketers who are working together to get a level of online success that each could not achieve on their own.


Right now, we are promoting Total TakeOver and are adding members to our downlines at a break neck speed. How about 400 new members in Secret Launch Team just on Friday and over 13,000 new member a day in Total TakeOver?


You can get an invitation to join our group just by signing up for Total TakeOver under another Secret Launch Team member.


Did I mention that Total TakeOver has almost 120,000 members and is FREE to build your team during prelaunch!


Secret Launch Team is completely free too.


You just need to join using the link below to get working on a better plan to achieve your goals with the support of Secret Launch Team.


Thanks for reading.


Kees Daalmans

Comment by Wesley Studemire on February 23, 2015 at 12:02pm

OneLine Ads

Please Read Carefully!
All Matrix Cyclers stall due to non influx of new positions in the system and members are tend to lose money and Burn their fingers.
But we have found the solution for the steady growth of our Paid Members.
All the upgraded members will earn daily on each and every position they buy till their positions complete cycle in Ad Board 1.
Amazed right? But this is the Fact.
Not only daily earning but because of 25% forced repurchase rule, members will earn more and more because of new positions enter the Matrix Every Day.

Comment by Andrew Asmakov on February 23, 2015 at 8:10am

Just Launched! Your Very Own Viral Money System !

This brand new advertising and cash generating program is so simple EVERYONE will succeed!

It's simple, straight forward, easy to promote advertising set up
that gives you the opportunity to advance commissions as well as ads.

You can start with a one time $1.5 advertising purchase and climb the income staircase to generate over $2,500,000!

Better yet you can earn multiple cash payments of $1.5 to $320 over and over again with NO monthly, no annual fees.

Everyone who gets in early can make a fortune.

Now it's your chance.

Join from my link right now and begin inviting others.

We have just started and this will be gigantic!

The sooner you join the more you can earn.

To Your Success



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