Hello Everyone, my name is Forrest and I'm a new member here @ Together We Earn and I couldn't agree more!  ;-)

One thing I've discovered is, Relationships are Everything when doing business online and we have an opportunity here to forge some lasting relationships and help one another. And I look forward to doing just that.

At the same time, I'm involved in several online businesses and I'm really excited about 1 in particular. In fact, I'm here in part to, Share a Good Thing with each of you! In 2011 CEO Doug Sleeth came up with a revolutionary way to re-make and expand his wholesale printing business. With years of industry experience and exposure to MLM, Doug came up with One-Heck-of-an-IDEA!

From this IDEA, Doug has created the World's first Global Affiliate Commission or Referral based Printing Company.  You can Learn More and Join Free , No Membership Fees Ever @ http://www.LikeViralPrint.com - remember if asked, Parent ID = LikeViralPrint

Let me tell You, THIS IS EXCITING!!!  ...Why?

- No Membership Fee's, Ever!

- No Direct Selling!

- No Limit to the Number of Referrals!

- Residual Income Forever!

- Pays 5 Levels Deep!

- Not an MLM!

- No Auto-ship!

- Global Opportunity!

Visit me @  http://www.LikeViralPrint.com 

                   &   http://www.facebook.com/LikeViralPrint

If you have any questions, you can reach me through, Together We Earn or from my website.

Right Now we are at the very beginning of this Revolutionary Business. VistaPrint a major competitor reached $1B with a "B" in sales last year and they are barely over 10 years old, ViralPrint  is the Printing company that pays you back and therefore businesses around the world will be joining to secure 50% off retail pricing, the best quality for the price in the industry, and have the opportunity to "Share a Good Thing" and earn money from their referrals.

It's truly a Win - Win - Win and we can secure our place as founding Master Members by joining free and sharing our referral links.

Visit today, join for free, and Share a Good Thing with your friend's family, and people you do business with.


-Forrest Shaw


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Forest, this looks like a great opportunity for those in the print business.

Awesome. I wanted to share something with you as well. Momentis

I've made $700 in 2 days! Life essential products, recession proof, no inventory,

no auto-ships, 5 ways to get paid, huge pay outs. Paid weekly via check or direct deposit,

no list builders, no e-books. Residual income guaranteed.

Let me know what you think.

Nolan Hodges

Senior Director - Momentis

Kingwood,TX 77345


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