Ken Casey


My name is Ken Casey.

I own KEC Diversified Marketing Group (KECDMG©). 

KECDMG© is a unique marketing company that specializes in Team Building. We have launched a new organization called Team Houston© which is an Opportunity Club that Literally Forces ALL of its Members to succeed at earning a Substantial Monthly Residual Income through the Power of the Internet, the Magic of Network Marketing and the Power of Teamwork!KECDMG© has been in business for a little over 5 years.


Team Houston© is an exclusive Opportunity Club of like minded individuals whose main focus is to generate WEALTH for its members by joining Income Opportunities as a Team. We maintain a list and make sure everyone on the list gets 2 personal referrals in the opportunity that we join. 

You are invited to join us!

The vehicle that Team Houston is currently using to generate WEALTH is called 4 Corners Alliance which allowa you to turn a One Time Out Of Pocket Expense of just 18.00 into THOUSANDS of dollars a month. 

All that is needed to join Team Houston© is a strong desire to succeed, and a willingness to put forth a little effort. 

Take 45 minuets to watch the important Video below then Come and join the Excitement of 4 Corners Alliance

Ken Casey 
Wealth Consultant
skype -- bivory2



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Comment by Ken Casey on December 3, 2014 at 2:02pm

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