Ken Casey


My name is Ken Casey.

I own KEC Diversified Marketing Group (KECDMG©). 

KECDMG© is a unique marketing company that specializes in Team Building. We have launched a new organization called Team Houston© which is an Opportunity Club that Literally Forces ALL of its Members to succeed at earning a Substantial Monthly Residual Income through the Power of the Internet, the Magic of Network Marketing and the Power of Teamwork!KECDMG© has been in business for a little over 5 years.


Team Houston© is an exclusive Opportunity Club of like minded individuals whose main focus is to generate WEALTH for its members by joining Income Opportunities as a Team. We maintain a list and make sure everyone on the list gets 2 personal referrals in the opportunity that we join. 

You are invited to join us!

The vehicle that Team Houston is currently using to generate WEALTH is called Exacoins which allows us to accumulate Bitcoins by giving and receiving Bitcoins. 

All that is needed to join Team Houston© is a strong desire to succeed, and a willingness to put forth a little effort. 

Come and join the Excitement of Bitcoins

Ken Casey 
Wealth Consultant
skype -- bivory2



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