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Hello TWE Family,


I’m Natalie Odumes and I hail from not so sunny Saint Louis, Missouri by way of Detroit, Michigan.  I work in corporate America by day and am a loving wife and mother on evenings and weekends.  

I recently married for the second time last summer (Aug 2010), and adjusting to a blended family ain’t easy.  My husband is a wonderful man who came to me with a loving heart in one hand and a very high-spirited teenage daughter in the other.  I came to him with the same loving heart and a 10 year old ready to leave her elementary school hallways and advance to the pre-teen stage of her life.  I received a crash course in teenage parenting, and fortunately I have the tenacity and spiritual foundation in my life to get me through the rough spots.  Through it all, each day brings us closer together.


I've been in the network marketing game on and off for the about 10 years - give or take. I've heard every story imaginable, good and bad. There is so much competition out there with online businesses that it makes your head spin - literally!


I have attained the level of success I’ve had because I learned to treat network marketing as a business, and I enjoy helping others discover ways to attract customers and business partners along the way.  Most people in the MLM game will tell you that people join people, not companies or compensation plans.  I pride myself on building solid relationships with my team members that are long lasting.


I encourage my team to invest their time and energy into programs that appear to be solid and profitable and we work them together.


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The first ever social commerce company that is going to revolutionize the mobile phone industry, social networking and commerce as be we know it.

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