Living with pain in joints is, at its best, quite annoying.  I’m sure that’s no revelation to the high number of people who find themselves suffering from pain in joints.

Pain in Joints Testimonial

The causes for pain in joints can range from a need to lose weight, to heredity, the aging process, or even work-related accidents.  I remember waking up one day with pain in joints of both my index fingers.  After speaking with a hand surgeon about the pain in joints I was experiencing, I began preparing for the surgery he stated was my only option.


About that time I discovered a product called Xocai healthy chocolate and began consuming it, in prescribed amounts, on a regular basis.  The result was that the inflammation causing my pain in joints (aka trigger fingers) went away entirely on my left hand and disappeared enough on my right hand that it no longer was a health issue for me.


Recently I discovered another, totally different health product while attempting to find relief for my wife’s aching back. This product, a salve, is called RTPR.  It was my duty and privilege to rub this ointment on her back and, once this treatment was administered, she experienced instant relief from her back pain.  And, after a few days of applying this ointment to her back I discovered that the lingering pain in joints I had been feeling in my right index finger was gone.


My conclusion from this episode is that whenever medical science says its time for surgery, be sure to explore multiple options and second opinions before letting anyone put the blade to your body.  The fact of the matter is that even some home remedies can help you find relief for pain in joints, and here are 7 such remedies to keep in mind.


Home Remedies for Pain in Joints Overview


The 7 home remedies for pain in joints that will be covered in this article are:


  1. Water
  2. Bananas
  3. Carrots
  4. Compresses
  5. Exercise
  6. Olives
  7. Lemons


While many lists on this Web site lead to more precise information than this one does about pain in joints, the 7 items listed above can be implemented to remove pain in joints.  Let’s explore how each of these home remedies can play key roles in removing any pain in joints you might have.


Home Remedy #1 for Pain in Joints




Yes, water in and of itself has amazing powers of healing.  The more water you drink the better it is for you.  Of course, with so many impurities evident in the water we find in today’s world, it’s often necessary to have a filtration device installed to enhance your water supply system.


As it relates to pain in joints, taking a shower in warm water while allowing your joint pain to be completely soaked is a highly recommended home remedy.  Soaking your pain in joints for several minutes can cause your inflammation to decrease, often resulting in the precise relief you are seeking from joint pain.


Home Remedy #2 for Pain in Joints




As fruits go, bananas are extremely healthy. As a matter of fact, it was the consumption of bananas that saved my brother’s life when he was fighting a bout of malaria. However, that’s a far different story, greatly removed from the pain in joints subject matter of this article.


The reason bananas are so valuable in one’s quest to find relief from pain in joints is because of the strength of the grease they provide to the body.  Reasonably speaking, words such as fat and grease connote evil mental images when talking about healthy remedies for bodies, and yet the right sources of fat and grease, aka bananas, can prove to be extremely beneficial.


Banana grease can help your pain in joints because it gives your body needed tools to assist in decreasing sources of inflammation. Bananas also can become the basis for strengthening your bones, a factor that can lead to less pain in joints.


Home Remedy #3 for Pain in Joints




What’s up doc?  Bugs Bunny always would ask this simple question. No matter one’s opinion of Bugs Bunny, good old Bugs might have held an upper hand in regards to health because of his love to consume carrots.


While raw carrots are indeed valuable to the overall health of our bodies, carrots can become even more valuable than they already are!!!




Carrot juicing.


The drinking of carrot juice can make our ligaments stronger and decrease stiffness generated by pain in joints.  Positive results can be evidenced through pain in joints relief experienced from drinking carrot juice on a daily basis.


Home Remedy #4 for Pain in Joints




OK, you say. You understand all the points covered thus far re: relief from pain in joints, but how can compresses aid in your fight against pain in joints?


Easy.  What you need to do is alternate compresses between cold and hot (not hot to cold or you’ll have a burn to deal with) applications.  Ten to 20 minutes of each temperature in succession repeated 3 times daily can lead to pain in joints relief.


Another way to handle pain in joints that’s similar to compresses is to take hot and cold showers.  My wife introduced me to this concept for the purpose of fighting common colds but pain in joints also can be reduced using this method.  You start by showering for 3 minutes in water that’s as hot as you can handle (this is the good part,) then follow that with 1 minute of extremely cold shower water (this is the bad part.)


Home Remedy #5 for Pain in Joints




Here I am typing this article on my keyboard totally cognizant of the power that proper exercise contains for the healing of bodies. The sedentary lifestyle we so commonly adhere to today doesn’t complement a person’s need for exercise, even though it’s common knowledge how valuable exercise is to our physical wellbeing.


Exercising regularly, as it relates to relieving pain in joints can improve the flexibility of joints while strengthening bones.  Both of these advantages can produce positive results and reduce pain in joints.


Home Remedy #6 for Pain in Joints




Okay, truth be told, eating a can of olives likely won’t be of assistance in your quest to find relief from pain in joints.  


Olive oil on the other hand can be a very cost-effective natural remedy to help alleviate joint pain stiffness.  The results are even better if the olive oil is massaged into the area where pain in joints is being experienced.


It’s amazing to learn what natural remedies God Himself has provided to help our bodies.  Olive oil applied as a massage for pain in jointsis yet one more instance where He has given us the power to recover from injuries naturally.


Home Remedy #7 for Pain in Joints




And I’m not talking about the first car I ever drove, or even the first car I ever owned.


Actually, this home remedy for pain in joints involves a mixture of lemons and carrots.  As mentioned previously, juicing is a very powerful way to reduce pain in joints.  Creating a mixture of lemon and carrot juice therefore is highly recommended as a home remedy to counteract pain in joints stiffness.


Pain in Joints Remedies Concluded


As you can see, there are many home remedies to help in your fight against pain in joints.  If one remedy doesn’t work, feel free to try another or perhaps a combination of several home remedies to experience pain in joints relief. From my own experience, I highly recommend that RTPR be added to your collection of home remedies for pain in joints relief.


There are many reasons for this including, but not limited to:


RTPR works

RTPR smells good

RTPR is affordable


Simply put, RTPR is the best product I’ve yet found to attain immediate pain in joints relief.


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