A very free, very targeted way to make money online

We all want to figure out how to get traffic to our site. What is great is if it’s free traffic. What is even better is free targeted traffic.

Here’s a site worth checking out. They provide potentially free and targeted traffic. The site is Project Wonderful (www.projectwonderful.com).

Project wonderful connects potential advertisers with those looking to find advertising for their sites. The websites are not the highest trafficked sites.

However, because of the low traffic, you can get your ad shown for a ridiculously low price.

I’ll show you how you can get it for free. After signing up for Project wonderful, you want to create your ad. This is a very simple process of uploading your banner and giving a few other details.

Once you do this then you have the option of choosing the specific websites (publisher) you want to advertise with.

Now this is where the targeted part comes in. You have very specific categories to choose from.

These websites, while they might have smaller weekly visits, are very focused in terms of visitors. For instance, those who visit the business websites or on social networking are going to be very interested in those topics.

If you have something to promote that fits those categories, the people who visit those sites are going to be far more interested in you product than if you just put it out randomly. In other words, 5000 weekly visits to these sites will be far more significant than 100,000 visits to less targeted sites.

How do you get your ad seen on these sites? It’s a bidding process. Now I know you are saying this is supposed to be free.

Well here’s how you turn it into free. Many of the sites do not have bids on them. The largest bid you have to give to a site is 1 cent. If you bid 1 cent on the site that has no bids, your bid will automatically start at 0 cents. That’s right. Until someone beats your 1 cent bid, you have that advertisement showing on that site for free.

There are numerous sites that have 0 bids in each category. I have just started using this website and have my ad running on about 6 sites, so I will let you know what kind of response I get.

I know this could be a little confusing so please let me know if you have any questions/problems

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