ENERGETIX is the world leader in the direct sale of an exclusive line of jewelry that combines sophisticated designs to the forefront of fashion with the power and natural power of magnets. Providing all-women, men, children and pets, beauty and wellness in their daily lives.
ENERGETIX is a German company founded in 2002, specializing in the sale of magnetic jewelry and accessories.  Since 2006 Puerto Rico has its own warehouse that serves to North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.
Our products
ENERGETIX magnetic jewelry is manufactured under strict quality controls.  The magnets used are neodymium, the strongest known natural magnet, you lose only 1% of its workforce every 100 years and it is drawn from the center of the Earth. Most of our pieces are in stainless stee", others have a bath of gold 18k, and also a bath in rhodium.  Some jewels contain copper, which has anti-inflammatory properties, is absorbed through the skin and is excellent for arthritis.  His designs are modern, made by European designers and fashion trends.  The selection of our products is very wide, there are for women, men, children and even pets! The power of our magnets is usualy 1, 200 gauss, but we have the Power line ranging from 1,800 to 2,200 gauss.
Visit http://nnhealth.eneregtix.tv and check the complete collection of ENERGETIX Magnetic Jewelry & Accessories. Share and like!
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