Hi! I'm Natasha Navas an Interdependent Consultant & Marketing Director for ENERGETIX.

Since I first saw the catalog I felt in love with it ENERGETIX not only because of it beauty, but of benefits that could give me for my health. And it did.

The magnetic jewelry has done wonders for me in my health. I have been suffering since I was little of migraines. I even had a migraine for a week and I had to be injected with an anti-inflammatory medicine a couple of time. My head burn because of how much swollen it was. I still remember putting a small fan in direction to my head to cool off. I had a routine every time I got a migraine.
The routines was:
No noise
Head cold (ice on my head)
Feet warm (many socks. Sometimes I warm up the socks in the microwave.)
Dark room (I would get in my room closed all windows)
Go to sleep

I don't remember when was the last migraine I had. Now using ENERGETIX magnetic jewelry I have said bye to
 the migraine. I even eat the food I could not eat that gave me migraine like Asian food and had totake a pill before if I wanted to eat it.. I enjoy eating now those foods, by putting the magnet heart accessory in my head.

I got a alleviation from my migraines in my case and I'm happily married with ENERGETIX! What I want now is that you have the benefits provided by the magnet therapy as happened to me using ENERGETIX Magnetic Jewelry & Accessories ! Share and like the wellness!

Marketing Director
Independent Consultant

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