Giving up, Flogging dead horses and Social media mind control.


After reading about Lucinda Yates' success story, I pondered on why some people never give up despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles - like Lucinda herself. Others with apparently, a lot going for them, throw it all away, go into a decline and just give up.

Sometimes giving up on a project, a business or a relationship is the right thing to do. We need to cut our losses and move on.

So what is the difference? What are the things we should never give up on and when should we accept that we are flogging a dead horse and need a change in direction or a new focus?

Then an article I read seemed to throw more light on this and got me thinking that social media might be having a bigger effect on our thinking than we realise.

I explored this further in two blog posts. Here's the links:

Flogging a dead horse

Is Social media stealing our time?



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