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Is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Scam? Find The Truth On The The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Book By Melanie Addington Now! Don't Buy it until you read my Honest The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review.

Having genetal herpes extremely embarrassing, and it can also be frustrating considering how uncomfortable it is.

Making that trip to the doctor, and having to explain to him what you have, while you are embarrassed about it, only for the doctor to give you some sort of antibiotic that at times does not even work, is just not worth it. There are treatments that will readily get rid of genital herpes very effectively like The Ultimate Herpes Protocol.

Going to buy over the counter medications for your herpes is another dead end. If you are lucky enough the antibiotics might come with a cream that you can use to get rid of your disease. Do not get me wrong, at times, the cream might work, but the problem is it will work just to remove the initial outburst that you are experiencing. The herpes will still bug you, as it will keep coming back.

What you should be looking at is a herpes treatment that will permanently get rid of the herpes, so that you it leaves your body completely, and you can be free to get back to living your life to the full.

About the author of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol has been created by Melanie Addington who herself was suffering from herpes. She actually fell out of her long-term relationship due to this disease. This is what led her to create such useful guide in collaboration with her father, who is a renowned Doctor. He had already helped many patients like Melanie overcome herpes.

In the opinion of many, her own recovery from this problem with the help of this system is an actual proof to show that it actually delivers results. Within a short period of time after her book was released, hundreds of patients were successfully able to release themselves from the clutches of this ugly disease. Melanie says that her work hasn’t finished yet. Although her system is very effective already, she is still working tirelessly to improve it even further.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Book Review

It is a guide in an e-book format consisting of simple and step-by-step methods of completely removing herpes from the body. Unlike other types of herpes treatment methods, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol doesn’t focus on the symptoms alone. It gets to the root of the problem, giving the users complete relief from the disease. Once you implement the methods described in this book, you’ll never have to face the herpes problem ever again in your life.

The techniques described in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol are helpful in treatment of both type 1 and 2 herpes. The reason why it is referred to as ‘ultimate’ is because at present it is your only hope of removing herpes completely from your body, without resorting to use of harsh drugs.

Some of the most important Ultimate Herpes Protocol features are:

  • The information contained in the the program is natural and once treatment of herpes is completed, you will never experience herpes infection for the rest of your life.
  • The techniques applied in this eBook are efficient and effective as it doesn't involve the use of drugs which may be detrimental to your health.
  • The program is arranged in a concise and clear way making it easy to follow and understand
  • The book also gives a detailed information about the nature and how the herpes look like
  • The eBook alerts people on the dangers of getting involve in using much expensive but harmful synthetic, supplements, creams and drugs.
  • This guide provides alternative ways of curing different types of herpes.
  • The program is cheap and affordable thus helps you to save a lot.
  • It contains extensive of do`s and don’ts concerning herpes.
  • You are warranted a full support from the company during your herpes treatment
  • It also comes with a 60-days money back guarantee

Many medications offering timely solution basically fine in their own context have of late flooded the market and pharmacy shelves but the ability of the guide to get rid of herpes naturally has been the significant differentiator from other bogus programs. Luckily enough, the tireless efforts implied by the author in nurturing the program has led to a standardized leading practice delivering a system that provides herpes victims with a fixed price and scope of curing solutions highly tailor made to ensure an effective relief and overall herpes recovery.


1) Delivers results for anyone – As the basis of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is natural medicine, it is completely safe for use and can be benefited from by people of any age group.

2) Uses a very effective three pronged approach – As mentioned and explained earlier, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol uses a three pronged approach and targets the disease from three different angles. While at one level it protects the patient from herpes symptoms, the other two levels focus on removal of this disease from the inside.

3) Has zero side effects – Most of the commonly known herpes treatment methods and drugs have unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, hair loss and nausea. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol doesn’t have any harmful side effects at all.

4) Cure the disease for good – As the treatment methods detailed in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol target the root of the problem, and not just the symptoms, the herpes diseases is cured for good. The pathogen which causes herpes disease is completely removed from the body permanently.

5) Money back guarantee – Melanie Addington and her father are so confident about the herpes treatment methods explained in their guide that they offer a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee to all the users. So, if you diligently apply Melanie’s methods and still don’t receive any helpful results, you can ask for a complete refund without any questions asked.

6) Time and money saver – Curing herpes through The Ultimate Herpes Protocol will save you plenty of time and money you may have otherwise spent on wasteful treatment methods.


1) It requires a certain amount of sincerity and diligence to obtain results from the methods explained in this book. You’ll get results only if you are dead serious about throwing herpes out of your body.

2) It comes as a disappointment for the people who are used to reading books in printed format. It is only available in digital format as of now, but you have the option of taking a print if you want.


The ability of the guide to extend its performance from covering the natural treatment measures to prevention precautions without incorporating side effects usually accompanied by other treatment methods and other antiviral medication makes this guide more unique and admirable.

Finally, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol eBook is an elaborate and comprehensive program which is worthy and grabbing it is worthwhile. The guide contains simple instructions easy to follow and understand. Just by following this eBook, you are assured to eradicate herpes within thirty-one days. This guide doesn’t use synthetic drugs, medical treatments or pills but real and natural options proven by qualified homeopaths, naturopaths, doctors and other medical practitioners.

Why bother yourself so much jumping from program to program wasting your precious time, effort and finances searching for treatment programs when this guide is guaranteeing you 100% herpes eradication? Save yourself from stress of being affected by herpes, grab a copy of Ultimate Herpes Protocol and stick to its protocols kick out herpes forever in your life.

So, What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and download it now...

>> Click here to Download The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Guide Now

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